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A smooth-operating garage door is necessary to use the storage space a garage provides. One of the parts responsible for smooth operation is the garage door spring, which carries most of the door’s weight, allowing it to easily be lifted by hand or by a garage door opener.

A broken or damaged garage door spring can make it difficult or even dangerous to use the garage door, and it should be repaired as soon as possible.

When you need a qualified team for garage door spring repairs or replacements in North Atlanta or the surrounding areas, turn to Balanced Garage Doors. 

From garage door spring replacements and repairs to new garage door installations, you can count on us for help with any garage door problem, and we offer same-day service for fast repairs.

How Garage Door Springs Work

In most installations, garage door springs are wound around a large pipe with circular hubs at each end, just above the garage door. A steel cable connects to the bottom of each side of the garage door, and these cables wind around the hubs as the door is lifted.

The garage door spring is pre-wound to provide a torsion force as the door opens, winding up the cables and lifting the door to counterbalance its weight. This makes it easy to open the door. When the door is closed, its weight causes the spring to wind back up, storing energy for the next opening while the lift cables unwind and let the door down gently.

A garage door spring makes it possible for a single person to easily move a garage door that can weigh a few hundred pounds.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

If your garage door spring breaks or becomes jammed, it can prevent the door from opening or closing properly, or it may let the door drop unexpectedly while closing it.

When you need garage door springs repaired, always call a professional. Because a garage door can weigh hundreds of pounds, garage door springs must store massive amounts of energy, and if the spring isn’t handled properly, it can break free or snap, causing serious injuries.

For safe, cost-effective garage door spring repairs, turn to Balanced Garage Doors. We can inspect, tighten, and repair garage door springs and ensure your garage door is working as smoothly as possible.

Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Repair

Call us when you notice any of these signs that your garage door spring needs repairs:

  • The door is difficult to open.
  • The lift cables are loose.
  • The door is crooked or misaligned.
  • The door closes hard or drops unexpectedly.
  • The door opens partially and then closes.

Need garage door repairs in Alpharetta, Duluth, Roswell, or Canton? Call (770) 880-0376 today or contact us online for same-day service throughout northern Georgia.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Is your garage door spring broken, corroded, stretched, or beyond repair? Call Balanced Garage Doors for a professional garage door spring replacement. Although removing a broken spring may be straightforward, installing a new one can be dangerous and should always be handled by an expert.

We offer high-quality garage door spring replacements at a great price, and with our professional installation, you’ll get a full five-year warranty on the spring and a one-year labor warranty. This ensures long-lasting performance, and we proudly feature a full inventory of American-made garage door replacement parts.

Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Replacement

Here are a few signs that it’s time for a new garage door spring:

  • The spring is broken, rusty, or physically damaged.
  • The pipe, hubs, or brackets are damaged.
  • The spring or lift cables are loose.
  • The door is stuck, crooked, or misaligned.
  • The door feels heavier or slams down when closing.
  • There are loud snapping or popping sounds during the operation.

Call (770) 880-0376 or contact us online to request a quote for garage door spring replacement in North Atlanta or the Marietta area.

Why Trust Balanced Garage Doors?

At Balanced Garage Doors, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer exceptional products and work quality and are available whenever you need us for 24/7 emergency service and repairs.

Our company is locally owned and operated, and our skilled, highly trained team is here to help with all your garage door needs.

Call (770) 880-0376 today or contact us online to schedule garage door spring services in northern Georgia or the North Atlanta area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Springs

Common questions that we receive about garage door springs include:

How do I adjust a garage door spring?

Adjusting your garage door springs requires the appropriate tools and formula for applying the proper tension. They can be dangerous to work with because of the amount of tension they’re under. If you don’t have the experience, hiring a professional is recommended to ensure safety and the correct adjustments.

Can you open a garage door with a broken spring?

Garage door springs ease the weight of the garage door, helping to balance and stabilize it. A garage door should not be opened or closed with a broken spring. You risk further damage when operating the door.

If you need to open the garage door, disengage it from the door opener and open it manually. If the door is too heavy to lift, stop and wait for professional repair.

What causes a garage door spring to fail?

The most common cause of garage door springs failing is normal wear and tear. The life span of a spring is typically 10,000 cycles. Improper maintenance and rust can also cause garage door springs to fail before their average life cycle. Proper maintenance can extend the springs’ life and alert you before it fails.

What’s the average life span of a garage door spring?

The average life span of a garage door spring is 10,000 cycles when properly installed. A complete cycle is classified as one full opening and closing. This can vary based on proper maintenance, climate conditions, and the quality of the springs.

Can you overwind a garage door spring?

Yes, you can overwind a garage door spring. Winding a garage door spring requires a precise formula, and overwinding can cause the spring to break, damage your garage door opener, or crush the hollow torsion tube.  

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Additional resources include:

A broken garage door spring requires replacement — and all the research and consideration that comes with purchasing a new spring system. That’s where we can help. Here are three resources that will make understanding garage door spring replacement much easier.

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Stephen Renzulli
Called for an estimate & ended up getting a same day repair, on a Saturday. Ed, the tech, was very professional and worked quickly to fix our issue. Highly recommended.
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atonya williams (toy)
Wonderful job, I'm pleased
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Carson Cook
I cannot recommend Balanced Garage Doors highly enough. Their technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional and their prices are very reasonable. Balanced Garage installed a new garage door for me a few years ago, and I was very pleased with the service, quality, and price. Today I had an issue with my garage (caused by my own mistake). I called Balanced Garage Doors and the problem was fixed within a few hours! Spencer went above and beyond to make sure the issue wouldn't happen again.
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Craig Nurnberg
CJ was amazing. He came over, quickly diagnosed our issues and provided several options for us to move forward. The prices were reasonable and he really gave us great opinions on our path forward. At one point, my 5 year old son was in his way and I appreciated how he just went with the flow and was extremely nice to him. Thanks CJ!
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Robert Conner
Great choice for emergency repairs! Price was reasonable, staff and technician were polite and very knowledgeable. Not only did they fix my issue, but they examined the whole system and optimized it to prevent excessive wear and did same day service! Highly recommend to anyone needing a garage door repair.
Ammar Raza
Ammar Raza
Ed Davis repaired our garage door this morning, and from the moment I met him, I could tell he was exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. He completed the repair within the estimated price range, demonstrating outstanding skills and professionalism. I highly recommend Ed for his excellent service and would rate him 5/5 for his exceptional help and expertise!
Jenny Molter
Jenny Molter
Great service! Came the next day I requested and right on time. Spencer was very knowledgeable, fast and friendly. He didn’t push any service or product that we didn’t need. Great experience!
Chris Melendez
Chris Melendez
The Spring on my garage door failed a few days ago. I Scheduled an appointment with Balanced Garage Doors online, got an appointment right away. Greg the repair tech was on time and did a quick inspection. He told me what was needed went right to work with approval and was done quickly. Great and friendly service. Definitely recommended.
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