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5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Professional Inspection

Large two-story home with three-car garage and dark gray/blue garage doors, sunset sky in background.Garage doors can last for years with minimal upkeep. However, if they go unchecked for an extended period, major garage door repair issues can develop, causing significant inconvenience.

It pays to have a technician inspect and maintain your garage door regularly. Various everyday circumstances can lead to damage. You don’t want an important day to be ruined by a didn’t-see-that-coming garage door issue.

Look out for these common warning signs that your garage door needs professional inspection and repair.

1. Garage Door Is Slow To Open or Close

LiftMaster garage door openerA garage door that’s nearing the end of its life span might not operate as efficiently as it used to.

If you notice your garage door takes too long to respond to your command, whether it’s still relatively new or already old, this can indicate issues with its opener.

Sometimes the problem can be simple. But in worse cases, the spring can suddenly snap and cause serious damage.

Don’t attempt to fix this issue on your own. It’s best to have a garage door technician diagnose the problem and address it.

2. Garage Door Doesn’t Raise or Lower Smoothly

A balanced garage door will open and close smoothly. If you notice your garage door bouncing, coming to an awkward stop, or looking uneven, it could indicate a serious issue.

Its parts will need adjustment immediately. You can also conduct a simple test to check the condition of your garage door.

Put an object — it can be a piece of wood or brick — down in its path. Lower your garage door afterward. It should reverse automatically once it touches the object.

3. Delayed or No Response to Garage Door Opener Remote

Lack of proper response from your garage door can have various causes. If it responds late or inconsistently, check your remote to make sure the batteries are still working. If the batteries aren’t the culprit, there might be issues with your garage door parts.

When the movement of your garage door is inconsistent, it can result in more significant issues. Avoid safety risks by getting emergency garage door services.

4. Worn or Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Your garage door should always stay on its tracks for it to operate smoothly. However, over time, your tracks can get worn or misaligned.

If you feel there’s an issue with the tracks, don’t attempt to resolve it yourself.

A technician can investigate the issue and perform the necessary repairs. Going the DIY route can be dangerous and can only worsen the problem.

5. Excessive or Odd Noises Coming From the Garage Door

If your garage door makes noises it normally doesn’t, this can be due to issues on its tracks or any of its parts. The sound can resemble a screech or grinding noise.

If you notice this with your garage door, call a specialist immediately. They know how to address the issue and will always come prepared with the necessary equipment and tools.

Don’t Ignore Garage Door Warning Signs

Person troubleshooting garage door. Door is open and they're looking up with hand raised toward the door.There are parts of your garage door that you can inspect on your own. There are also those that need a professional eye to diagnose. Either way, it’s best to stay on the safe side.

Once you think there’s something wrong with your garage door, call a technician right away to request a quote. A reliable garage door specialist will always be transparent about the costs of their services.

Bottom line: Don’t delay getting garage door issues fixed. This can only result in more headaches.

Contact us today to get your garage door seen by licensed professionals.

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