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Why Does My Garage Door Stop Halfway?

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Your garage door system is made up of several parts. If parts break down or are damaged, your garage door may not open or shut completely. One of the first signs that something could be wrong is if your garage door doesn’t open or shut all the way.

While this may be frustrating, it can be easily fixed once you find the cause.

Is your garage door not opening or closing all the way? Contact Balanced Garage Doors at (770) 880-0376 for a free estimate.

What Can Make a Garage Door Stop Halfway?

Over the years, parts of your garage door system can break or wear out. After many years of continued use, the unit may be past the point of repair. If you bump or accidentally hit the rails or sensors, it may disrupt the system’s delicate balance, causing the door to only move up or down a certain distance.

When this happens, it’s time to call the garage door professionals and find out what’s wrong.

Worn or Broken Springs

Garage door springs on white background.Moving parts in any system will experience wear and tear with constant use. The springs of your garage door are constantly under extreme tension. This creates pressure that causes them to wear out. If the wear and tear continue, weak areas will begin to appear.

Eventually, the springs will weaken to the point where they break. If you catch the problem early enough, the springs can be replaced before a break causes more damage.

Misaligned Sensors

Misaligned sensors are a common problem. Because they’re often positioned within a few feet of the ground, they can be easily bumped or damaged. If the sensors aren’t properly secured, they can be shifted out of their original position.

Even a slight movement can disrupt the alignment, causing them to stop the movement of your garage door.

Blocked Rails

Inside of an empty garage with white doors and a garage door openerAs you move items in and out of your garage, something could get stuck in the rails or rests against one of them. If something blocks the path of the rollers along the rail, this will also stop your garage door from opening or closing.

Before you try to close your garage door, take a quick look at the rails to ensure nothing is blocking them or disrupting the sensors.

How To Fix Your Garage Door from Stopping Midway

Many people try to fix their garage doors by themselves. While replacing the batteries in the remote or the lightbulb in the unit are easy fixes, adjusting the sensors or replacing the springs should be reserved for professionals.

Removing obstacles that may obstruct the rails is a simple fix as long as they haven’t impacted the rail and caused any damage. If a simple fix hasn’t solved your problem, you need to call the professionals at Balanced Garage Doors as soon as possible.

Reliable Garage Door Services With Balanced Garage Doors

Call garage door technicians you can trust if your garage door stops when it’s not supposed to. At Balanced Garage Doors, our technicians can identify the problem and make the necessary repairs to ensure your garage door works properly. They can also replace or install a new garage door if needed.

The technicians at Balanced Garage Doors can discover why your garage door isn’t working correctly and make the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.

If you live in Hall or Gwinnett counties or any of the surrounding communities, contact us at (770) 880-0376 today.

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