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Wood garage doorYour garage door will eventually need professional attention.

Even if it hasn’t yet reached the end of its service life, it’s normal for a garage door to require basic maintenance and minor repairs over the years.

Whether it’s time for those routine garage door repairs or to install a new one, you’ll want to work with a team you can count on for great products, skilled installations, and courteous service — a team like Balanced Garage Doors.

We offer garage door repairs, maintenance, installations, garage door opener services, and more. We serve clients in Chamblee and throughout northern Georgia, including Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Duluth, and more.

Garage Door Repair

When you have garage door problems, such as your garage door being stuck open or closed, you and your property are left inconvenienced or even unsafe.

Whether you need our 24/7 emergency repairs for a serious issue or just want to take care of something worrisome before it gets worse, you can count on us for garage door repairs.

You might need repairs if:

  • The door drops unexpectedly.
  • The door is stuck half-open or -closed.
  • The lock isn’t working right.
  • The door isn’t staying properly on the tracks.
  • The springs or lift cables have broken.
  • The garage door opener has failed.
  • Safety features aren’t working correctly.

Call (770) 880-0376 to schedule garage door repairs in the Chamblee area.

Garage Door Replacement

White double garage doors on a home.

When you need to replace your garage door, you can count on Balanced Garage Doors to install high-performance garage doors from the industry’s top manufacturers. You’ll have plenty of color, style, and finish options.

Consider replacing your garage door if:

  • You keep needing to repair it.
  • There’s structural damage that can’t be easily repaired.
  • Major parts like the tracks or torsion springs have failed.
  • Safety devices can’t be trusted to perform adequately.
  • The door has sealing problems or looks bad.

Call (770) 880-0376 today to request a free quote for a garage door installation or replacement.


High-Quality Garage Door Parts

Need dependable replacement parts for your garage door? Skip unreliable suppliers and get high-quality components and accessories from Balanced Garage Doors.

We work with high-end parts from Amarr, Southeast Door Technology, Clopay, LiftMaster, Wayne Dalton, Door Link, Key, MyQ, and more. We provide a full selection of replacement parts and accessories for garage doors, including but not limited to:

  • Garage door springs
  • Lift cables
  • Rollers
  • Hinges

We cover our repairs with a full one-year warranty.

Call (770) 880-0376 for a free estimate on replacement parts for your garage door.

Turn to the Pros for Garage Door Services

Newly installed double car garage doors

Your garage door becomes dangerous when it’s in disrepair. A garage door is extremely heavy, and its springs hold a lot of force. If the systems supporting garage door operation aren’t functioning properly, a door could fall or a spring could fire, resulting in serious or lethal injuries — or significant damage to your home, vehicles, or other property.

When your garage door needs help, leave it to a trained and professional garage door company like Balanced Garage Doors.

Choosing Balanced Garage Doors means benefiting from:

  • Skilled, experienced repair technicians
  • Same-day repairs and 24/7 emergency service
  • Quality garage doors and replacement parts
  • Impressive warranties and financing options
  • Exceptional service and support
  • Fair, upfront pricing and free estimates

If you need high-quality garage door services in the Chamblee area, choose the best.

Call (770) 880-0376 today to schedule an appointment, request a quote, or learn more about our services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about garage door repairs include:

How do you repair a garage door opener?

Repairing a garage door opener typically involves diagnosing the issue, which can range from a faulty sensor to a worn-out motor gear. Once the problem is identified, the necessary parts can be replaced or repaired by a professional garage door technician.

It’s important to leave garage door opener repairs to professionals to ensure safety and avoid further damage.

What does a torsion spring do on a garage door?

Torsion springs are responsible for counterbalancing the weight of your garage door, making it easier to lift and lower. If your garage door is struggling to open or closes too quickly, it could be due to a problem with the torsion springs.

Why do garage doors need springs?

Garage doors are incredibly heavy, and without springs, lifting and lowering them safely would be nearly impossible. Springs provide the necessary counterbalance to make garage doors easy to operate and prevent damage or injury.

How long should a garage door last?

The life span of a garage door depends on several factors, including the quality of the materials used, the frequency of use, and the level of maintenance it receives. On average, a well-maintained garage door can last 15 to 20 years.

Can I repair my garage door myself?

While there are some basic maintenance tasks that homeowners can perform themselves, such as lubricating moving parts or tightening loose bolts, garage door repairs should be left to professionals. Attempting to repair a garage door on your own can be dangerous and may cause further damage to the door or opener.

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Our Reviews

Stephen Renzulli
Stephen Renzulli
Called for an estimate & ended up getting a same day repair, on a Saturday. Ed, the tech, was very professional and worked quickly to fix our issue. Highly recommended.
atonya williams (toy)
atonya williams (toy)
Wonderful job, I'm pleased
Carson Cook
Carson Cook
I cannot recommend Balanced Garage Doors highly enough. Their technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional and their prices are very reasonable. Balanced Garage installed a new garage door for me a few years ago, and I was very pleased with the service, quality, and price. Today I had an issue with my garage (caused by my own mistake). I called Balanced Garage Doors and the problem was fixed within a few hours! Spencer went above and beyond to make sure the issue wouldn't happen again.
Craig Nurnberg
Craig Nurnberg
CJ was amazing. He came over, quickly diagnosed our issues and provided several options for us to move forward. The prices were reasonable and he really gave us great opinions on our path forward. At one point, my 5 year old son was in his way and I appreciated how he just went with the flow and was extremely nice to him. Thanks CJ!
Robert Conner
Robert Conner
Great choice for emergency repairs! Price was reasonable, staff and technician were polite and very knowledgeable. Not only did they fix my issue, but they examined the whole system and optimized it to prevent excessive wear and did same day service! Highly recommend to anyone needing a garage door repair.
Ammar Raza
Ammar Raza
Ed Davis repaired our garage door this morning, and from the moment I met him, I could tell he was exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. He completed the repair within the estimated price range, demonstrating outstanding skills and professionalism. I highly recommend Ed for his excellent service and would rate him 5/5 for his exceptional help and expertise!
Jenny Molter
Jenny Molter
Great service! Came the next day I requested and right on time. Spencer was very knowledgeable, fast and friendly. He didn’t push any service or product that we didn’t need. Great experience!
Chris Melendez
Chris Melendez
The Spring on my garage door failed a few days ago. I Scheduled an appointment with Balanced Garage Doors online, got an appointment right away. Greg the repair tech was on time and did a quick inspection. He told me what was needed went right to work with approval and was done quickly. Great and friendly service. Definitely recommended.
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